What is the procedure to elect Chief Justice of India?

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Updated 04-Sep-2018
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Chief Justice of India is elected by following a proper procedure, and the procedure is stated below in a proper step manner. The procedure is as follows:
Step 1.  When the Retirement Date of the outgoing Chief Justice of India is near then ‘The Union Minister of Law, Justice and Company Affairs’ will seek the recommendation of the outgoing Chief Justice of India as to who should be the next Chief Justice of India.
Step 2.  The Chief Justice of India sends his recommendation ofsenior-most judge of the Supreme Court considered fit to hold the office”. If there are any doubts in the recommended judge then the Chief Justice of India needs to consult the Collegium to decide if a different judge needs to be recommended.
Step 3.  After receiving the recommendation of the Chief Justice of India, the Law Minister will forward it to the Prime Minister, who then advises the President on the same.
Step 4. The President administers the oath of office for the new Chief Justice of India.