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Using MindStick Q&A

MindStick Q&A is designed to strengthen the roots of your knowledge and help to grow the branches of your wisdom. We know that not whole knowledge can be written down in words but much of that can be written down and this happened when our ancestors conferred to us the secret of the universe with Vedas and Shruti.

MindStick Q&A follow its traditional way of teaching and continued that form of teaching but in a different style and aura. The MindStick Q&A Portal is giving valuable knowledge and experience to all people.

The MindStick Q&A portal is acting as a way to connect the people who have the knowledge to the people who need it. This connection will help each other to understand themselves better and will be known about the different perspectives of different people.

MindStick Q&A’s object is to empower all individuals to share their knowledge for the benefit of people all over the world.

The roots of the MindStick Q&A portal are questions asked by you- these questions affect the world, questions that change a mindset, questions that help to build a decision-making ability, and questions that give an idea about different perspectives.

Questions that matter to you can be asked and get answers from all the people who have been there and have had a great experience with that.

The Q&A portal of MindStick is a place where different personalities like artists, scientists, entrepreneurs, mechanics, and homemakers contribute their knowledge and what they know with billions of minds.

Let’s understand how the world works. Why people react the way they do, and what we should do to make this world better. People from all over the world come here to search the website for answers and contribute their answers to it.

MindStick answers are the contribution of those who really understand the issue and also have first-hand knowledge. MindStick Q&A is the place where you can get to read about the ancient newspapers started by, differentiating between GS, GK, and GA.

MindStick Q&A portal also throws light on historical texts like Gitanjali and its translation into English, Read the best Hindi Shayari with MindStick answers, and know about the city of festivals. Read the motivational stories of great personalities like Satya Nadela, Chanakya, and A.P.J Abdul Kalam.

MindStick Q&A is a place where you can find answers those not available anywhere related to some great controversies and people. It has the courage to show the truth with facts to the world.

Try to check the following steps,

  • Check your Internet connection is ok
  • Check if your web browser is updated
  • Check you are using these options Mac OS, Windows, IOS, Linux, and Android
  • Check if you have entered the correct URL

Check the above case and if still struggling to open MindStick Q&A please contact us at

You can directly contact us at or

You can also directly take action with these steps-

Visit> Find the abusive content (Question/Answer) ->Find the Report Abuse flag (add flag icon) -> fill the subject and reason and click on submit button.

If still you interacted with abusive content having the same behavior and looks the same user posted the content, don’t worry our security team will block him.

Sign Up with MindStick Q&A

Besides all disruptions, it will take 2 min to sign up with MindStick Q&A with one click on Sign Up.

After you sign up for Q&A, the next step is to complete your account by following the steps given below:

  • Go to the setting menu in your account profile to fill in your mandatory information e.g. Basic info, Contact Info, Education, Experience, and Profile Image.
  • If you choose Student Category then fill your mandatory information e.g. Basic info, Contact Info, Education, and profile image.
  • If you choose Employee Category then fill your mandatory information e.g. Basic info, Contact Info, Education, experience, and profile image.
  • If you choose Company Category then fill your mandatory information e.g. Basic info, Contact Info, and profile image.
  • If you choose individual/Self employee then fill your mandatory information e.g. Basic info, Contact Info, and profile image.
  • Your profile is completed and you can now use MindStick Q&A Website.

Step 1 Go

Step 2 Click theSign-upbutton and then click onContinue with Google.

Step 3 You will be logged in but still, you have to fill all the mandatory data required in the account profile to get the best use of the MindStick Q&A portal e.g. Post Questions, Answers, comment, Reply, Vote Up, Vote Down, and Share.

Follow these simple steps-

Step 1 Go

Step 2 Click thesign-upbutton.

Step 3 A Sign up page will appear, and you will be guided through our sign-up experience. You will be asked to enter information such as your name and phone number or email address.

Step 4 Fill in all the mandatory information needed e.g. Category, First Name, Last Name, Country Code, Mobile Number, Email Address, Password, and Confirm Password, agree with terms and conditions, and Captcha. Now click on sign up.

Step 5 We will send an email including a link and activation key for email verification to your registered email id that you entered while signing up.

Step 6 Verify your email id with the given link and activation key and now you are ready to customize your account profile.

Step 1 Go

Step 2 Click the three lines appearing on the right side of your screen.

Step 3 Click on the signup button at the bottom after dropping down

Step 4 Fill in all the mandatory information needed e.g. Category, First Name, Last Name, Country Code, Mobile Number, Email Address, Password, and Confirm Password, agree with terms and conditions, and Captcha. Now click on sign up.

Step 5 We will send an email including a link and activation key for email verification to your registered email id that you entered while signing up.

Step 6 Verify your email id with the given link and activation key and now you are ready to customize your account profile.

  • Log in with your registered email id and password at
  • You will land on a page where you can enter your registered email id to get a verification email from MindStick Q&A.
  • After clicking on the send button you will get a verification mail.
  • Click on the activation link and fill the activation key given in the mail and click on the activate button.
  • Your email has been verified successfully.

You can directly contact us at and Contact Us.

Help with logging in

Follow these steps-

  • Visit MindStick Q&A website’s login page and enter your credentials (Registered email id and password).
  • Click I’m not a robot.
  • Click on Login button.

  • Go to
  • Click the three lines appearing on the right side of your screen.
  • Click on the Login button and enter your credentials (Registered email id and password).
  • Clear Captcha and click on the login button

You can directly contact after which you will get a response and the next procedures.

If you have made multiple failed login request then your account will be automatically locked up and you will not be able to log in for the next 30 minutes on the MindStick Q&A website. Once the 30 minutes is over you are free to log in again with the correct user id and password.

If your account has been blocked then you have to send a request through email to to reactivate your account.

Make sure your sign-up was successful. Check the email box for the verification we sent you when you successfully signed up for a new account.

If you realized you did not create an account, you can sign up for a new account again.

If you have created an account but are not able to log in then check your password and email you have entered are correct or not.

  • Click on forgot password on login page and you will be landed on the recovery page.
  • Enter your registered email id and click on Confirm Email to get an activation link.
  • Click on the activation link we have sent in your registered email id and you will be directed to the page where you can regenerate your password.
  • Try to log in with a new password and registered email id.

There may be the following cases:

  • If you have not re-verified your email that usually appears after 90 days from registration.
  • If you are seeing the pricing page while posting at MindStick Q&A.
  • If you have deactivated yourself from your account at MindStick Q&A.
  • If you have been blocked by the admin.

  • Check your spam or junk folder in your email inbox.
  • Check, both emails are the same. One that you are searching for the reset password link and the one you entered during requesting a reset password link.
  • If you are requesting a password reset to the correct email address and it does not arrive just contact
User’s Profile Help

Check the following steps-

  • Make sure you are on because to upload your profile photo you must be on the official website.
  • Check your image type, MindStick Q&A generally accept JPEG, PNG, and JPG formats. Profile photos with nudity will be removed.
  • Dimension, MindStick Q&A recommended dimensions for profile image are 200 X 200 pixels.
  • Check you are on the updated version of the browser if not, try to update your browser or upload with another browser.
  • After checking these steps make sure you hit the Save button to successfully upload your profile photo.

First, check that you are logged in on the MindStick Q&A portal. If yes, follow these steps-

  • Open your profile by clicking on the My Profile button.
  • Click the Activity button that appears in your profile.
  • Click on the Followers/following button to see the list.

Follow the steps for deactivation-

Go to MindStick Q&A -> Login-> My Profile-> Settings-> Click the deactivate account button-> enter your credentials-> final click on deactivate button.

Find the user to whom you want to follow and click on the following button that appeared in the user’s profile.

You need to follow the specific user to keep tuned with his all activity e.g. Answers to posts, Comments, and Vote Up and Vote Down.

  • Go to the profile image that appeared on the right side of the header at MindStick Q&A.
  • Click on your profile image.
  • Click on the sign-out button given at last.

Go to MindStick Q&A -> Login->redirected to reactivate page-> click the activate account button.

  • Click on My Profile and go to the setting button.
  • You can see the specific buttons for all the information filled while completing your profile
  • Click on the specific button you wanted to update e.g. Basic info, Contact info, Education, etc.
  • After updating your info click on the submit button.

You can only be blocked by admin if you have tried to exploit the MindStick Q&A portal for your unfair means or you have been involved in any activity which is not according to the terms and conditions of the website e.g. posted vulgar content in Questions, Answers, and used abusive comments, reply at MindStick Q&A.

If you have provided sensitive information at MindStick Q&A which was not relevant as per the Government Regulations and had mal intentions during the time of posting any such content it can create controversy in the system of a democratic country.

If you wanted to know any other reasons contact admin at and you can also request to pardon your mischief.

Your Profile will be visible to all people from all over the world when they will search for you individually from the search Engine.

Your email id, contact number, and DOB come under your private information.

All the posted content e.g. Questions, Answers, Reply, comments, followers, following, and saved in a bookmark.

  • You have to pay that price to carry on your posting activity at MindStick Q&A
  • Contact admin at

Most of the profile information will be public e.g. User Name, Category, address, registered date, status, languages, user about, education, experience, and some newest posts at MindStick Q&A.

  • Go to
  • Click the three lines appearing on the right side of your screen.
  • Click on the profile image present at the bottom after dropping down.
  • Click on My Profile in the new drop-down to view profile details.

You can find your profile on the right side of the header at You can further click on My Profile to see the detailed view of your profile.

You can increase the attraction of viewers in your profile by filling the extra details e.g. Banner Image, Skills, Language, and Social contacts.

It’s up to the user which part of the profile he wanted to see in the profile image. MindStick Q&A generally allows you to crop any part of the image.

Only you and the authorized users of MindStick Q&A can see your account profile activity

Help in posting

Be a user of MindStick Q&A and enjoy the posting services with unlimited reach to all the viewers and professionals in your city, state, country, and foreign countries as MindStick Q&A is internationally accessible. Paid Posting will give you the opportunity to use different glamourous benefits like linking in MindStick Q&A, Applying images in MindStick Q&A, and activating the SEO team on MindStick Q&A.

Paid is nothing but to confer you the premium features of MindStick Community and hence your featured article will have Do Follow links and promotional images with your own story.

Yes, you can promote an answer by contacting us at

  • Make sure you have log in on
  • Open a particular content that you posted.
  • Find the edit button below your content and click on it.

Make sure you have an account on MindStick Q&A and are logged in on the portal. If you have then

Go to -> open a specific answer->click on the add comment button given below-> fill your comment-> click on comment button.

Make sure you have an account on MindStick Q&A and are logged in on the portal. If you have then

Go to -> open a specific question-> click on add comment button-> fill your comment on leave your comment box-> click on the comment button.

Make sure you have an account on MindStick Q&A and are logged in on the portal. If you have then

  • Go on MindStick Q&A home page/question page/unanswered page and click onAsk Question.
  • Follow the given steps- Go to ->click on the ask question button given just below the profile on the right side->Fill all the mandatory fields (title, category, meta description, keyword, more information, tags)-> clear the captcha-> click on post question button.

Make sure you have an account on MindStick Q&A and are logged in on the portal. If you have then

Follow the given steps- -> click any question->click in answer-> leave your answer in the box->click on the add answer button.

You can share Questions/Answers with these steps-

Visit> open the particular Questions/Answers-> Find the share button (Forward arrow icon) -> click the button and select the social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp).

In case you are facing any problems with the MindStick Q&A website feel free to contact us at or you may land on the MindStick Q&A contact page.

You will have 3 days validity to edit and delete your Questions/Answers after that you will have to request to delete/edit your post.

Diagnose the error and try to avoid those mistakes due to which the errors occurred and you will be free from errors. If still facing the same errors you can contact us at

MindStick Q&A allows the posting of images that will have the formats of .jpeg, .jpg, and .png.

Sorry! You have lost the validity to edit/delete your content.

It gets deleted if you have posted vulgar content and nude images that violate the terms and conditions of the MindStick Q&A portal.

Your Questions/Answers will be submitted to the admin panel and are waiting for their approval. Once they get approval they will be visible to all.

Business with MindStick Q&A

What brand is all about? As far as I know the word Brand is the ‘Trust of consumers’ towards your Company, Business name. Whenever we heard the word ‘Brand’ our mind develops a set of functional, emotional, and psychological promises for that specific company’s name.

In order to be unique and stand out in the crowd of the company name, businessmen are trying to build a personal brand. It does not mean your social networking subscribers but it is the associations and feelings that humans have when they include them. For e.g. Ratan Tata “True Indian industrialist”

You can answer questions in your personal account. Select a topic about which you wanted to talk e.g. copywriting, business, Artificial Intelligence or Technology. We recommend you select the topics relevant to your professional life and those will attract your audience from all the crowd.

You will also be able to fill in all the important credentials necessary in your business profile e.g. Your Basic info, Contact info, education, experience, profile photo, profile banner, language, skills, and social contact, and upload a high-quality photo. These all credentials make you more creditable among your audience.

After filling all details required in your profile, go with attempting the questions about your selected topic or interest. Write the complete and good structured answer by using headings, subheadings, with using bold and italic, add images or infographics.

When you have given a complete and structured answer to the question that will demonstrate your expertise your answer will automatic get the vote up when other user will find it beneficial by clicking on Vote Up.

Your answers for us will always be valuable and over time its views can reach will increase because MindStick ranking is great with search engines.

Yes, you can promote/advertise your business in MindStick Q&A with their advertising service and you just have to contact to and ask them your related benefits.

Your infographics will be published in the website that will be visible to all and which will increase your value in multiple times. MindStick Q&A have a large traffic which will also be directed to your website or space.

We can add your email id and website link in the website which will provide a connectivity with you and your clients. A whole series of Questions/Answers can be posted in Q&A website which will create your online presence and a valuable brand value.

You can add different images of the company, company’s employees, services, and products that will create a positive impact on your online aura in your business life. MindStick Q&A provides you an space where you can avail the best solutions related to your business needs like you can advertise your products with best elaborated form including your images and internal links.

MindStick Q&A portal is functional in all cities and countries if not restricted and hence it will be beneficial for your businesses needs in all over the world. MindStick Q&A has more than 5 years of experience in dealing with national and international clients.

MindStick network has its roots in many countries and thus it has its capability to handle your max needs of business.

Personality is something that only can be changed within you and it generally depends on two things- Imagination power and Creative ideas which totally depend on the knowledge that you refer to from an online medium.

MindStick Q&A is the best space to engage yourself with different category content and you will be amazed by seeing the result after continuing to visit in the coffer of wisdom. You will find endless ideas related to your interest subject and that will enlarge your imagination and ideas.

Our community is designed to develop a great personality with creative ideas and valuable knowledge available in the Q&A portal of MindStick. Your opinion on the matter can be changed after visiting the Q&A portal and you will find yourself standing with the truth.

Business needs is our first priority for business community and you can avail our full attention in your business help. You can generate valuable leads with MindStick Q&A portal.

First you can select your audience among those you want to circulate your services or products and then you can conversate with then via your information/posted answers/asked questions/comments and at last you will start receiving the leads.

Paid Postings are valuable posts which have lifetime access at MindStick Q&A and will be promoted in its others sub portals with included SEO service which will help to keep your FAQs at the top in different search engines.

Lifetime Validity: Your post will be visible for the lifetime and you do not have to pay again for the same content for its validity where other portal charge for the same content to extend its visibility on portal.

Professional Content is all our valuable asset which will keep your customers engaged with your Facts and info with images form.

Surge your traffic with MindStick Q&A paid posting, we provide you the Do-Follow links in your post that will enhance your traffic and visibility in search engines.

If you have the need to drive massive growth in your business and enhance your reach to larger potential customers, MindStick Q&A is the idle portal to fulfill all such business requirements.

When you are looking the ways to deepen your relationship with your audience and increase your brand name utterance in a large community, just engage with a vibrant community on MindStick Q&A.

Business profile means these profiles are sharply designed for business interest and they will be able to write their business interested content under your brand name on MindStick Q&A. Business Profile will also be able to answer the user’s questions which will be beneficial for your business using promoted answers.

Our community MindStick Q&A has people who are continuously looking for their solutions before making any important decisions.

Our space is not like any social media sites where people pass their time making friends instead MindStick Q&A is designed to ask questions that are in high demand with top-rated answers. Our portal has potential customers which are asking questions about you, your rivals, and the services and products, you are skilled in.

MindStick Q&A is the best way to interact with them and reveal about your brand through questions and answers.

Buzzing about your brand and creating your brand awareness among the MindStick Q&A community, redirecting traffic to their website, having connections with your customers, and analyzing the science behind the business world are all a part of the MindStick Q&A portal.

MindStick Q&A is the best portal for your FAQs to be listed as it has magnificent features to make your FAQs most elegant and convenient from the user’s point of view. Here your FAQs can have a well-explained query with images and internal linking which can direct your reader to your website.

Our company has professional writers who have 4-5 years of experience on briefing about your queries and solutions. We can add your solution with images and linking for any queries of your customers related to your expertise.

Your FAQs will have the great possibility to index on searching at different search engines because MindStick Q&A has the great traffic and quality indexing in all search engines. MindStick Q&A also provide a special opportunity of indexing for lifetime because we also provide the lifetime validity for your FAQs.

We welcome your requirements and necessity with the best we have for your business nourishment.

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