What is role of India in current world politics?

Asked 19-Jan-2023
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The question is asking about what India is doing and how it is influencing the way countries to interact with each other in current world politics. It's asking about India's position on the international stage and what it's doing to shape the global political scenario.

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India is a rapidly rising power on the global stage, with an increasingly influential role in current world politics. Here are a few key ways in which India is shaping the global political scenario:

Emerging Economic Power: 

India is one of the fastest-growing major economies in the world and is projected to be the world's third-largest economy by 2025. This economic growth has translated into increased political influence on the global stage, as countries look to India as a key trade partner and source of investment. India's economic growth has also helped to lift millions of people out of poverty, giving the country a powerful development narrative that resonates with other developing nations.

Strategic Partnerships: 

India has been building strategic partnerships with countries around the world, including traditional allies like Russia and Japan, as well as emerging powers like China and Brazil. These partnerships have helped to increase India's influence in regional and global politics, as well as providing a counterbalance to the dominant role played by Western nations. India has also been building strong ties with Africa, which can be seen as a reflection of India's growing economic and political influence in the continent.

Regional Influence: 

India is a key player in the South Asian region and has been actively working to shape the political landscape of the region. India has been making efforts to improve relations with its neighbours, including Pakistan, and has been playing a leading role in regional organizations such as the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC). India has also been working to promote regional trade and economic integration, which can help to promote stability and prosperity in the region.


India has been a strong advocate of multilateralism and has been actively engaging in global forums such as the United Nations, G20, and World Trade Organization. India has also been working to promote a more equitable and representative global order, which can be seen in its efforts to reform the UN Security Council and its advocacy for a permanent seat on the council. India's position on climate change and sustainable development also reflect its strong commitment to multilateralism.

In conclusion, India is a rapidly rising power on the global stage, with an increasingly influential role in current world politics. India's economic growth, strategic partnerships, regional influence, and commitment to multilateralism are all contributing to its growing influence in the international arena. As India continues to grow and assert itself on the global stage, it will likely play an even more significant role in shaping the global political scenario in the future.