Who promotes Products, Services, and Technology developed by ISRO?

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Antix Corporation Limited (ACL) is a marketing arm of the ISRO which is governed by the Indian government-owned company whose work is to promote the product of the Space Organisation including the Indian Space Research Organisation and many others.

Who promotes Products, Services, and Technology developed by ISRO?

Antix Corporation
This Agency is established by the Indian Government on 28 September 1992. It is a Private Limited Company whose objective is to promote the technology, product of the ISRO, and its services. It comes under the Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) which is wholly owned by the government of India and Administered by the Department of Space (DOS).

The main objective of the corporation is to deal with the marketing aspect of the ISRO and facilitate development and space-related industrial capabilities in India. Including India, it also promotes and presents the product of ISRO in the international market. It attracts customers from all over the world and provides a solution with end to end solutions for many of the space products, it deals with many problems as well which range from the supply of hardware and software including tiny matter to the complex spacecraft.

Successful launching of W2M Satellite for the Eutelsat
It launches the Tecsarsuccessful for Israel
 It made the successful UK based Satellite launch of UK-DMC on 10 July 2015
It also supplies successful reliability Satellite systems and subsystems. The better-known customers are Marconi,Hughes, Matra, World Space, etc.
Satellite launches
Antrix Corporation limited launched successfully 239 Satellites including foreign ones, which generate a revenue of 6.289 crores. And as of 2018, ISRO has launched 209 Satellites for the different countries using the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) expendable launch system. It has also launched many foreign Satellites and generated huge revenue.

Controversies of Antrix
In 2005 Antrix has signed an agreement with Dewas Multimedia which is a private company formed by a former employee and the capitalist of America. The agreement was signed for the purpose of making a lease contract of theS-Band Transponders on two Satellites of ISRO. And later on, it misleads the contract amount and uses it for other purposes. This case is known as the S-band Spectrum Scam.