As per the 'Periodic Labor Force Survey' which state has the highest unemployment rate?

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As per the 'Periodic Labor Force Survey' which state has the highest unemployment rate?

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The highest Unemployment rate is of Bihar by 40.9%, as per the reports of Periodic Labor Force Survey data for 2017-18.

As per the Periodic Labor Force Survey which state has the highest unemployment rate

Unemployment has hit a four-decade high of 7.1% in the country. As per the latest data released by the Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation (MoSPI). But the worrying news with this report has affected the urban youth aged between 15 and 29 years.

The Periodic Labor Force Survey was introduced with the objective of measuring the rate of employment in every three months in urban areas and once a year in both rural and urban areas. The survey is based on the education levels as a criterion for stratification at the ultimate level.

Indian male youth unemployment has risen to 18.7% in Financial Year 2018 from 8.1% in Financial Year 2012 when measured with the usual status, while in female’s category it rose to 27.2% from 13.1% during the same time period. The highest unemployment rate was witnessed among urban females at 10.8% followed by males in urban India at 7.1%, rural males at 5.8% and 3.8% in rural females.

The data has been released by the government on the day when ministers of the Narendra Modi cabinet took charge showed 7.8% of all employable urban youth being jobless, while the percentage for the rural was 5.3 %. However, the joblessness for women was also higher in urban areas at 10.8% compared to 3.8% in rural areas.