Who became President after Franklin Roosevelt died?

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Franklin D. Roosevelt is the 32nd President of U.S. After his sudden death the office was overtaken by the then Vice-President “Harry S. Truman”. He became the 33rd President of United States and became the President after Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1945.

Who became President after Franklin Roosevelt died?
He became the President during the time of World War II and the beginning of Cold War.He was the only leader in World History who used Nuclear Weapons in the war. He was also the World War I veteran. Truman even implemented the Marshall Plan to rebuild the economy of Western Europe. He used the Veto power by 180 times, which was more than any president earlier to him. As a President, he remained in the office from April 12, 1945, to January 20, 1953.
He worked as the ‘First Lieutenant’ from the year 1905 to 1911 in ‘National Guard’. Then, worked as a 'Major' from the year 1917 to 1919 after that promoted as a ‘Colonel’ from the year 1920 to 1953.