How is diversity a challenge for democracy in India?

Asked 28-Sep-2022
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Everybody knows that India has the largest Democracy in the world. It becomes a republic country from 26th January 1950. After a lot of unevenness, it got a fabulous place in the modern era. We have faced so many challenges to achieve this objective. The slogan of unity in diversity has been given by India's first prime minister pt. Jawaharlal Nehru. It's the main concept of Indian civilisation. 
The Democracy of India is just 72years old. During this period we have faced the stream of diversity. When we get freedom from the British government we have to need to create a good government that can govern properly. Who can eliminate casteism, can provide better education systems, and eliminate the problem of unemployment which was the biggest problem in front of the government at that time? India's people have handled these situations very well. Due to this reason, they elected the same government again and again.
As time passes the government faced another challenge which was technology stuff. Democracy helps to improve our technology system, which saves India from neighbouring countries like Pakistan and china etc. Democracy plays a vital role to face this critical situation.
We got sudden changes in democracy since 2014 when BJP came as the ruling party in India. After then we got privatisation in India very fast. Now the feeling of casteism is going to down over nationalism. From east to west, north to south, everyone loves their country irrespective of their language and this is what makes us different from other.