Is dieting good for our health?

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Is dieting good for our health?

Dieting can be beneficial for weight loss and overall health, but it also comes with risks. Some people gain the weight back after they stop dieting, while others develop health problems.

Dieting is usually not recommended for people who are underweight or have a body mass index (BMI) of 18.5 or less, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). People with very high BMIs — over 30 — may be at more risk of developing health problems from dieting.

Some people think that if you lose weight, your risk of diabetes and heart disease will go down. But these risks are higher for people who are overweight or obese, who have other health conditions such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol, or who have been trying to lose weight for a long time without success.

Dieting does have some benefits. It can help you reach your healthy weight goal sooner and then maintain it longer than usual. It may also improve your mood and self-esteem, which can make it easier to stick with any diet plan you choose later on.

So why do some people lose weight on a low-fat diet?  

Is dieting good for our health?

Because they cut out all fat except olive oil. That limits the amount of saturated fat in their diet while leaving other nutrients like protein and fiber intact. However, this type of diet doesn't provide enough calories to meet the energy needs of a growing child. That's why it's important to limit the number of calories you consume each day and make sure those calories come from nutritious foods high in protein and fiber (such as fruits and vegetables).