What is the reason behind illiteracy in a village?

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Literacy is an important tool which helps improve the living standards of a society. In a developing country, lack of literacy can lead to a very different reality. Let's take a look at the reasons of illiteracy in a village.

Lack Of Demand

The reason for illiteracy in a village is quite simple. The people are quite illiterate for the simple reason that they are deprived of an adequate education and are not given the right facilities to benefit from the concepts being taught in schools. The people living in villages, who are mostly farmers, are not interested in school and want to remain illiterate because they are more interested in the cattle they raise. If there is no demand for the education, then there is no need to teach the people how to read and write.


Lack of facilities

In a village, there are many people who are unable to read and write because they do not have access to basic amenities like electricity, clean water, and quality education. Lack of communication and awareness of education benefits. When you live in a village, you may not have the opportunity to get an education. This is because most villages do not have schools or teachers that are able to teach children. If you do not have access to these resources, then it will be difficult for you to learn how to read or write. If a village does not have schools or teachers, it will be difficult for children to learn how to read and write.


The reason behind illiteracy in a village is poverty

Poverty can be defined as the lack of adequate food, clothing, shelter and medical care. Poverty is a major factor that prevents people from acquiring an education. The result is illiteracy. This happens because there are no facilities or teachers available for the people who are unable to afford them. The reason why people are unable to read and write is that they have no money to pay for books or even pens and paper. Many families in villages do not have enough money to buy books, so their children cannot learn how to read and write. In addition, there may be gender inequality issues where women are not given equal opportunities to acquire an education.


Gender Inequality

The main cause of illiteracy in a village is is gender inequality. If a child's parents were able to afford sending him or her off to school, but they were unable to do so because they were female, then the child would also be unable to attend school and learn how to read and write. In most of the villages, the men are very literate and have good education facilities, but the women are not allowed to go to school or colleges and get proper education.


Transportation Issue

In most of the cases, there are no roads or transport facilities to reach school or college from home. In some villages, even if there is a road leading to school or college, there may be no regular bus service which makes it impossible for students to reach their destination after school hours or on Sundays. This is why most of the students drop out from school at an early age and join work force instead because they cannot afford private tuitions and coaching classes to improve their grades and standard in studies.


Family Tradition

Another reason for illiteracy is family tradition. If your parents didn't go to school, you probably won't either. You may also be afraid that if you go away to school, you'll leave your family behind forever (and this doesn't seem like such a great idea). If your parents were illiterate too, then they probably taught their kids how to read and write without realizing it was wrong because they never learned themselves!

What is the reason behind illiteracy in a village?



The reason behind illiteracy in a village is that the children of the village go to school and when they come back, they are not able to understand the things that are taught in school. The parents do not teach them anything and neither do they provide any kind of help to them.

The parents think that if they do not teach their children anything, then they will be able to get educated. But this is not true at all. If one wants to become literate he must first be taught how to read and write. When he learns these two things, then he will be able to read and write properly.

After learning these two things, one can go for further studies and get employment in a good company or government job or any other job that requires education like teaching or management etc which would help him earn money so that he can educate his family members too