Who do you think is the best prime minister of India? And why?

Asked 01-Sep-2022
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I believe that the best prime minister of India is Narendra Modi.

In 2014, Narendra Modi won the election with a clear majority. He had promised to make India a developed country in 2022 and he has already achieved this goal by changing some laws to make it easier for farmers to sell their produce in bigger cities. The government is also giving loans to farmers so they can grow crops instead of just selling them; this will help them become more independent from other people who have money that they can use as collateral for loans. I think he has done a great job as the prime minister, and I think he will continue to do an even better job in the future. He has made many changes, such as cleaning up the government, and he has been able to make those changes without causing any problems or making anyone feel unsafe.

He also has a lot of experience with political life and leadership, which makes me think that he is able to handle whatever comes his way.

He has brought so much change to India, especially in terms of education and healthcare. His work in both fields has been outstanding, and it's clear that he has done a lot to improve the lives of all Indians.

I think he is a visionary leader who has a strong desire to improve the country's infrastructure and economy. He is also a very good speaker, which will help him reach out to more people.

He is a very competent person who has been able to bring about changes in a very short time. He has been able to bring about a lot of change in the country's economy and also the education system.

Who do you think is the best prime minister of India? And why?

12 Best Things Modi Government Has Done So Far

  1. He has set up a task force to address the issue of malnutrition in India.
  2. India's foreign exchange reserves have grown 10 times to over $400 billion during his term in office.
  3. India's GDP growth rate has been raised from 6% to 7%.
  4. The government has brought down inflation from 11% in 2013 to 2% in 2018, while increasing public infrastructure spending by 6%.
  5. The government has achieved a record number of exports worth over $250 billion during this period and increased foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows by more than 5 times to $70 billion since 2014.
  6. The government has created a business-friendly environment by reducing regulatory burden on businesses, including reducing fees for starting a company and simplifying procedures for getting a bank account opened with only one formality required. This has helped make India one of the most attractive countries for global investors.'
  7. Modi government has successfully implemented GST.
  8. The government has made the environment a priority by banning plastic and paper bags.
  9. The government has launched Digital Indiainitiative to bring all its services under one roof for ease of use and convenience for citizens.
  10. The government has initiated steps to curb pollution levels by improving air quality monitoring systems in cities as well as launching Swachh Bharat Mission (Clean India Mission) to make India clean and green.
  11. Modi government has also adopted schemes like Mudra Yojana to help small businesses get loans easily and fast, especially those run by women entrepreneurs who have been traditionally discriminated against due to gender inequality in India's patriarchal society.
  12. Modi government has launched a new scheme called Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana (PMUY) which aims at providing free gas connections to all poor households with an aim of providing clean, safe cooking fuel at home instead of using firewood or coal stoves which cause serious health hazards due to pollution caused by burning charcoal inside homes or other chimneys used in homes where there are no chimneys at all!