How does email spoofing work?

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How does email spoofing work?
  • Spam and phishing attempts use email spoofing to fool people into thinking a message came from someone or something they know or can trust. The sender forges email headers in spoofing attacks so that client software shows the false sender address, which most users believe at face value. Users will see the bogus sender in a message unless they study the header more closely.
  • They are more likely to trust a name they are familiar with. As a result, they'll click on fraudulent sites, open virus attachments, transfer personal information, and even wire money.
  • The purpose of email spoofing is to deceive people into thinking the email is from someone they know or can trust, which is usually a colleague, vendor, or brand. The attacker takes advantage of such trust by asking the recipient to reveal information or do some other action.

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