Are email and Gmail the same thing?

Asked 10-May-2022
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Are email and Gmail the same thing?
  • Email is a method of transmitting digital communications over the internet utilising electronic devices such a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or desktop computer.
  • It works over the Internet, and most devices with computational capabilities include email systems and a text editor for composing messages. Most editors allow you to edit these messages. Some systems additionally support basic formatting.
  • Google's Gmail is the most popular and commonly used email service. It is one of numerous web-based Email services that are used to send and receive digital messages over the Internet. Gmail's ability to store many gigabytes of data as email data storage is its most distinguishing feature. Gmail earns money by selling ads to specific users. Although targeted ads created privacy concerns, Larry Page insisted that user data would be protected and that unpleasant ads would not be displayed.

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