What is the issuing bank for Apple Card?

Asked 19-Apr-2022
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  • Apple fundamentally revamped the credit card with Apple Card. Your data is stored on your iPhone, which is attractively put out and simple to grasp. We removed fees and created tools to help you pay less interest, and you can apply in minutes to see whether you're accepted with no effect on your credit score.
  • Face ID, Touch ID, and Apple Pay are advanced technologies that give you a new level of privacy and security. You'll also get Daily Cash back on every transaction. Card issued by Apple Inc. It's everything you'd expect from a credit card.
  • There is a requirement for an Apple Cash card. Green Dot Bank, a member of the FDIC, issues the Apple Cash card. For more information, see apple.com/apple-pay. You can use Daily Cash as a credit on your statement balance if you don't have an Apple Cash account. Exclusions and extra information apply to Daily Cash. 

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