Why is Android so popular as an operating system?

Asked 14-Apr-2022
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Why is Android so popular as an operating system?
  • Android is a smartphone operating system that is built around the Linux programming language. Android is created by the Open Handset Alliance, which is a group of over 80 top hardware companies, including Sony, Samsung, and other Google-affiliated software companies. The Open Handset Alliance for Android allows high standards to run smoothly on a wide range of Android-based mobile devices.
  • The Android User Interface (UI) is founded on the concept of direct manipulation, which means it uses a variety of touch motions to manipulate on-screen items, such as swiping, pinching, and tapping. A virtual keyboard is also included for text input. Google is now working on Android TV for televisions, Android Auto for cars, and Android Wear for wrist watches, in addition to touch screen devices. As of 2015, Android has the greatest installed base of any mobile operating system.
  • To put it bluntly, the Android operating system appeals to a broader demographic than other smartphone operating systems. This broader audience includes voracious readers, hardcore gamers, and passionate video and movie viewers. The Android operating system is designed to be user-friendly. Android has a lot to offer to everyone!
  • As a result, Android has become the fastest-growing mobile OS, with over 300 hardware, software, and carrier partners. Furthermore, Android's openness is fueling high app consumption, with billions of apps and games downloaded every month. Users and developers can remain ahead of the competition with powerful and differentiated applications thanks to Android's innovation and rapid evolution.

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