What is essential for testing the quality of the code?

Asked 06-Apr-2022
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  • Refactored: Code formatting must be consistent and adhere to the coding rules of the language. Well-tested: The better the code's quality, the fewer bugs it has. Thorough testing weeds out significant flaws and ensures that the software performs as expected. Extensible: You must be able to extend the code you receive.
  • Adhere to a certain look.
  • Find code reviewers to help you with your project.
  • Examine the [excellent] code of others.
  • Refactor on a regular basis.
  • Write unit tests for your model before moving on to your interface.
  • Duplicate code should be avoided.
  • Commenting for the sake of commenting is not a good idea.
  • Set expectations with your team's developers by communicating with them.

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