What is the difference between micro kernel and macro kernel?

Asked 02-Apr-2022
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  • The difference between micro kernel and macro kernel:
  • The kernel is a computer software that runs at the heart of a computer's operating system and controls everything in it. It oversees the computer's and hardware's functioning.
  • Microkernel: The kernel oversees the computer's activities. User and kernel services are implemented in different address spaces in the microkernel. Kernel services are kept under kernel address space, while user services are kept in user address space.
  • Kernel that is monolithic: In kernel mode, the complete operating system runs as a single programme in Monolithic kernel. In the same address space as the user services, the kernel services are implemented.
  • Monolithic Kernel is a type of Kernel that is distinct from microkernel. This one, like the microkernel, controls system resources between applications and hardware, but it implements user and kernel functions in the same address space. It expands the kernel's size, which expands the operating system's size as well.

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