How can you become popular on Twitter?

Asked 20-Mar-2022
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How can you become popular on Twitter?
  • Connecting with those Twitter accounts would include responding to and retweeting their tweets. Thousands of followers can be gained with just a few thoughtful responses or even a single hilarious response.
  • Twitter frequently follows a straightforward give-and-take policy. Accounts follow you, and you follow them back. If you want to become well-known in your field, it's best to follow Twitter accounts in that field and have them follow you back.
  • Tweeting on the most recent Twitter trends ensures that your tweets reach the widest possible audience, as many people are following the trend.
  • You can get more popular on Twitter faster if you can make excellent videos and market them with Twitter ads. Twitter advertising are a terrific technique to gain quick Twitter popularity, and you shouldn't count them out.

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