Can I find a Reddit account from an IP address?

Asked 28-Feb-2022
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  • Reddit stands out as one of the more fascinating and less bothersome social media networks in a world full of noisy social media apps. Reddit's principle is simple: it connects internet users through sub-Reddits, which are mini-forums dedicated to specific topics or themes.
  • There are sub-Reddits for almost every topic you can imagine. You may join groups dedicated to your favourite film or TV show, ask engineering questions, hacker groups, dog training groups, relationship advice groups, and everything in between if you register a Reddit account.
  • As a result, Reddit users are, for the most part, anonymous. However, there are a few ways for hackers or government organisations to discover a Reddit user's IP address.
  • If you're seeking for a way to monitor other Reddit users by their IP address, you willl start by telling you that this isn't a feature that Reddit supports. Overall, the platform values its users' privacy and will not reveal their IP addresses to other platform users.
  • This means that Reddit users are relatively safe and don't need to utilise a VPN to remain anonymous while on the platform.

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