Who has been appointed as Chairman of Staff Selection Commission (SSC)?

Asked 19-Feb-2022
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S. Kishore, a senior bureaucrat, has been appointed Chairman of the Staff Selection Commission (SSC).

Sivanathan Kishore is a former Member of Parliament from Sri Lanka's Tamil community. Kishore worked for the Red Cross for 14 years. In April 1999, he was apprehended by the Sri Lanka Army and given over to the Terrorism Investigation Division. After 16 months in detention, he was published in August 2000.

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) chose Kishore to be among the Tamil National Alliance's (TNA) applicants in Vanni District in the 2004 parliamentary election. He was appointed and sat in the House of Commons.

Following the LTTE's military defeat in the civil war in 2010, the TNA deselected the majority of its LTTE-appointed MPs, including Kishore. He later joined the ruling United People's Freedom Alliance (UPFA). He ran in the 2010 parliamentary election as a UPFA candidate in Vanni District, but he was defeated, finishing ninth among UPFA candidates. Kishore stood as a Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) contestant in Vanni District in the 2015 legislative vote, however, the TULF won't gain any positions.