Which nation flagged off direct shipping services to Europe?

Asked 14-Feb-2022
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The container carrier MV Songa Cheetah set off from Chattogram towards Italy, launching direct shipping operations between Bangladesh and Europe.

Which nation flagged off direct shipping services to Europe?

Bangladesh is a South Asian nation officially called the People's Republic of Bangladesh. It is the world's eighth-most populous nation, with a population of more than 163 million people living in an area of either 148,460 square kilometers or 147,570 square kilometers, making it one of the globe's most densely populated nations. Bangladesh shares land boundaries with India to the west, north, and east, as well as Myanmar to the southeast, and the Bay of Bengal to the south. It is separated from Nepal and Bhutan by the Siliguri Corridor, and from China by 100 kilometers in the Indian state of Sikkim to the north. Dhaka, the capital and largest city, serves as the country's economic, political, and cultural center. The second-biggest city is Chittagong, the major seaport. Bengali, among the most eastern divisions of the Indo-European language family, is the national language.