How do I resolve Outlook email quota errors?

Asked 25-Jan-2022
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Using the Outlook Mailbox Cleanup Utility, you can clean out your inbox.

The built-in Outlook Mailbox Cleanup program can help you minimize the size of your mailbox. The tool de-clutters and organizes your Outlook inbox in a simple and efficient manner.

To utilize the cleanup tool, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to File > Tools > Mailbox Cleanup in Outlook.
Step 2: Select one of the following choices in the 'Mailbox Cleanup' dialogue box:

Option 1: To examine the size of your mailbox and particular folders within it, click 'View Mailbox Size.' The data can be used to determine which folders have surpassed their mailbox storage quota and need to be cleared.
Option 2: Search for goods that are older than a given date or that are larger than a certain size.
Option 3: To archive objects, click 'AutoArchive.'
Option 4: Select 'Empty' to clear the 'Deleted Items' folder of all items.
Option 5: Check the Conflict's folder size by clicking 'View Conflicts Size,' then click Delete.

Now your problem should be solved