How do I fix my laptop stuck installing a Windows 11 update?

Asked 15-Jan-2022
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Steps to  fix your laptop stuck installing a Windows 11 update:

  • Make sure your internet connection is working. If everything appears to be in order, detach your PC, restart it, and reconnect. If you have access to one, use an ethernet cable. On a reliable internet connection, the chances of the Windows 11 upgrade becoming stuck are slim. Connect to a different network and see if it helps. During the update installation process, you must ensure that the PC is linked to a solid internet connection.
  • Disconnect your computer from the power source and thoroughly inspect it. Re-plug your PC and check it again after you're sure the power supply is working properly. If the power supply you've been utilising is even marginally unsteady, look for a new one.
  • Check to see if there is enough space on your C drive or wherever Windows is installed to install the Windows 11 upgrade. If there isn't enough space, you can expand it by changing partitions, uninstalling some applications, and deleting your download folder.

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