When should I upgrade to Windows 11?

Asked 15-Jan-2022
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  • If you have a new computer, you should upgrade to Windows 11 — You should upgrade to Windows 11 if you have a new computer or laptop with good hardware, especially if it came with the promise of a Windows 11 update. Windows 11 was created with newer computers in mind. As a result, you'll have fewer performance issues and bugs.
  • With new Snap Layouts, Snap Groups, and the ability to remember your layouts for different displays, Windows 11 puts a strong emphasis on multitasking. These may appear to be minor details, but they add up to a significantly improved multitasking experience.
  • As with most major operating system releases, Windows 11 has its share of issues. For the most part, Windows 10 has been refined and is relatively bug-free. It will take some time for Windows 11 to reach that point.

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