How can a student learn Android Studio effectively?

Asked 20-Dec-2021
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  • The official Android Developer webpage may be found here. To be honest, reading the entire website is essential for understanding the ecosystem and the various solutions, ideas, and technology associated with Android.
  • Since May 2017, Google has officially supported Kotlin on Android as a 'first-class' language. Because fewer organisations are producing commercial apps using only Java, learning Kotlin is a must if you want to be a successful Android developer.
  • The same rule applies here: examine the entire site to grasp how it's put together and what it's all about. Make an effort to sense it. Be the source of the material. Consider yourself a piece of material. Act as if you're made of substance. This is an important element to remember when learning Android.
  • Install Android Studio (not Eclipse).
  • Return to the official Android website and select Develop this time. The following are the two most essential sections:
  • You can discover a number of useful examples in training courses and Codelabs. Before you start programming for real, go over all of these lessons.
  • API Documentation — I understand that going through all of these writings, descriptions, examples, and so on will be difficult, but it will be worthwhile. Have faith in me. This is a critical section.

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