Who can file an RTI to the government? What's the procedure?

Asked 17-Dec-2021
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TheRTI (Right to Information) Act 2005 provides the promise to provide the information to all its citizens of the country.

Who can file an RTI to the government? What


The RTI act itself reveals the availability of the right to all the citizens of the country. The first page of the act is saying about the availability of rights to only the citizens of the country.
The main objective of RTI is to provide secure access to the information under the control of the public authority to promote transparency and accountability in the working of every public authority.

Procedure to avail the RTI

  • There are both ways to file an RTI application the one is in online mode and the second is the physical mode.
  • In physical mode one is required to visit the authority related to whom it needs the information and asks them to provide their application form. After getting the application form citizen can fill in their information as required by the form and submit it with the charge of that application.
  • The second method the online mode, the government made a web portal related to filing an application to avail the RTI right. The portal needs some information to know about the citizen which is asking for the information of the related authority.
  • After filling in all the detail, he will have to submit the nominal charge for its filing and after that, he will get the related information within the hours.
  • While applying you will need one ID proof that shows you are a citizen of India.