Which form of the Government has 'Division of Powers' and 'Independent Judiciary' as the important characteristics?

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Which form of the Government has 'Division of Powers' and 'Independent Judiciary' as the important characteristics?

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Federalism government has the characteristics of having the Division of power and independent Judiciary

Which form of the Government has Division of Powers and Independent Judiciary as the important characteristics

Federalism government is a system of government where the power is divided between a central authority and various of its constituents. Usually, the system of the federal government is two acts as fully independent it is either nation or the state and provinces of the country.
One government is liable for anything at the national level and the other is liable to the state in which it has the jurisdiction of its ruling.
This form of government can be confused with the unitary form of the government so the main difference between the both is the federal form of government is not bound by the central government to reply in any of the matters related to his own jurisdiction whereas the Unitary form gives the power to the central government to ask any question to the state government in any of the matters.

Features of this form of government
Division of Powers
In a federal form of Government, the powers are divided into two or more units one is in central and the other is in multiple units as states or the provinces. Either the constitution of that country states what power one should have.
The first federal government was employed in America and then in Canada, the American federal form of government was weak in nature whereas the Canadian federal system is more powerful.

Separate government
The federal form of government has the authority to act in a separate mode as the center can have its own jurisdiction in the matter and the states will have its own jurisdiction in its own method and the center can’t force the state into any matter related to that states.

As the federal government has the divination of the powers among the states and the central. And no one is allowed to cross the boundaries of their jurisdiction, then it means they should have a written agreement which can bound the both of them to act in their own jurisdiction only and that written agreement is the constitution of that country.

Rigid constitution
The federal form of government should adopt to be in a flexible way not the rigid nor the soft one because the constitution of any country is the sacred document. Under the shadow of which every people sleep.

Special judiciary
The federalism of any country can be easily examined on the basis of its functioning of the judiciary. It means how much the judiciary is active and has the independency determines the quality of the federalism.