Who was the first Indian to go to Space?

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Rakesh Sharma is the first Indian citizen who landed in space

The first Indian citizen who entered space is Rakesh Sharma. he was awarded the Ashok Chakra, the highest gallantry award given by the president of India. he entered the space as a part of the soviet interkosmos program. he is the only citizen of India who entered into space there have been many others but none of them was the citizen of India. this traveling was launched from Baikonur cosmodrome in the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic. on 3 April 1984. This was the joint program of the Indian Space Research Organization(ISRO)  and The Soviet Socialist Republic and this mission was part of that mission.

Who was the first Indian to go to Space?

SHARMA's early life - He was born on 13 January 1949 in Punjab, India, he completed his education in Hyderabad. later on, he joined theNational Defense Academy in July 1966. and he choose the Airforce stream in NDA and he was commissioned into the Indian Air Force as a pilot in 1970.
The spacecraft which carried the Cosmonauts were named the Soviet rocket Soyuz t-11. the passengers who were present in that space were Rakesh Sharma from India, and two others the Soviet- Indian International crew, the commander of the ship was, Yury Malyshev and one Flight engineer, Gennadi Strekalov. they all were docked and transferred by this spacecraft to the Salyut 7 in the station of the orbit. Sharma spends 7 days, 21hours, and 40 minutes, during this period his team conducted a lot of research related to science, and technology. and at last, they covered a total of 43 experiment sessions in the space. among all the member's work, Sharma was doing research work in the fields of biomedicine and remote sensing. when all the members return to the earth then the thenPrime Minister Indira Gandhi asked Sharma that How India was looking from the space that he replied with the most famous word 'SARE JAHAN SE ACCHA HINDUSTAN HAMARA'.