Which is the latest PSLV launched by ISRO?

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                                 PSLV- C51/ Amazonia-1, Launched on 28 February 2021 is the Latest PSLV

                                                                 Which is the latest PSLV launched by ISRO?

The latest indigenous satellite launched by the Indian space research organization is PSLV-%/Amazonia from the station Satish Dhawan space center, Sriharikota. The chairperson of the ISRO during this launch was Dr. K. Siwan, after successfully completing the mission, he congratulated all the members of ISRO For the lift of these vehicles. The SDSC SHAR launch pad was used. Which was the new one of its own kind. The lift was done as scheduled at 10:24 hours (IST) which was included in the planning of the ISRO.
After spending the 17 minutes in the flight it injected the Amazonia-1 into its orbit that was planned. After the passing of the succeeding time of 1Hr 38 minutes, all the 18 passengers’ satellites were separated as they were predetermined in the sequence. In this historian launch one satellite which belonged toBrazil, Mr. Siwan heartily congratulated the Brazilian minister for the firstly indigenous satellite that was built, designed, integrated, and operated by Brazil.
In the response of Mr. Siwan, the Brazilian minister H. E. Marcos Cesar Pontes also congratulated the ISRO for conducting such a huge launch at one time. He also emphasized the importance of partnership between India and Brazil and said that they are looking forward to strengthening ties with India.
This PSLV-C51/Amazonia is the first dedicated commercial mission of new space India Limited (NSIL). The passenger satellite that was carried out by the PSLV –C51/Amazonia includes four satellites from IN-Space and fourteen from NSIL. In the fourteen satellites of NSIL, 1 was from India, and 13 were from the USA.