Which Spacecraft is Developed by ISRO for a Mission to Venus?

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          Which Spacecraft is Developed by ISRO for a Mission to Venus?

                                       Shukrayaan -1, Developed by ISRO for a mission to Venus

Shukreayan-1 is a proposed to Venus launched by the Indian space research organization (ISRO), and the main objective of this spacecraft is to study the surface and atmosphere of Venus.
The orbiter which was dependent on its final configuration would have a science payload, the capability is in approx. 100kg and power of 500w are available it

The expected date of this launch would be considered in 2024 or in the mid of 2026. And the rocket used for this is GSLV MARK II. It has three broad research areas. The one is surface/ subsurface stratigraphy and resurfacing process. The second is the study of the atmospheric chemistry, dynamics, and compositional variations, and the third and the last one is the study of the solar irradiance and solar wind interaction with Venus ionosphere.
An announcement was given by ISRO on 19 April 2017, called the announcement of opportunity (AO) seeking science Pay Load proposals from Indian Academia based on broad mission specifications. And after one year ISRO made another Announcement of Opportunity for seeking the Pay Load from the international scientific community. And the availability payload of science was revised to 100 kg from 175kg. Which was mentioned in the first announcement of the opportunity
In order to study the atmosphere of Venus ISRO collaborated with JAXA using signals from the Akatsukiin a radio occultation experiment