Which Spacecraft is Developed by ISRO to study the Sun?

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Aditya – L1” Spacecraft, developed by ISRO to study the sun

Which Spacecraft is Developed by ISRO to study the Sun?

This is the first Indian satellite which is planned for 2022, initially, it was planned to launch in 2018- 2020 but due to some reasons, is late now. The mission of this chronographic satellite is to study the atmosphere of the Sun. it is being developed and constructed by the ISRO and with other Indian space institutions. The place where it has been inserted around the L 1 line in the Halo Orbit in between Earth and Sun.

The main Works of Aditya- L 1

1- The study of the sun in the terms of the solar atmosphere, solar magnetic storms, and its impact on the surface of the earth and other planets.
2- The spacecraft will study coronal heating, solar wind acceleration, coronal Magnetometry, finding and studying the origin of the UV rays, and continuously observing the atmosphere of the sun.
3- This will also see the impact of climate change in the atmosphere of the Sun and predict the future of the other planets including earth.
The launch vehicle which will be used for the Aditya L 1 is PSLV – XL. And it will reach the Sun's atmosphere in around 109 earth Days after launch and will cover around 1,500,000 km distance from the earth to the Sun.

Payloads of the satellites are as follows

1- Visible emission line coronagraph
2- Aditya Solar wind practice experiment
3- Solar low energy X-ray spectrometer
4- High energy L1 Orbiting X- spectrometer
5- Solar Ultraviolet image Telescope

6- Plasma Analyser package for Aditya
7- Magnetometer.