What was U R Rao Satellite Centre (URSC) formerly known?

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  • Indian Space Research Organisation Satellite Center is the former name of the UR Rao Space Centre (URSC)

    What was U R Rao Satellite Centre (URSC) formerly known?

    The UR Rao Space Centre was founded by Dr. Udupi Ramchanda Raoand the name of the the Indian Space Research Organisation Satellite Centre changed to the name of the founded member as given above. And came into the effect on 2 April 2018. The main work of this agency is to build, design, development, assemble, communication, navigation, and remote sensing, and make a small Satellite mission.
    The specialized team of scientists, technicians, and engineers of the URSC build more than 90 important and complex Satellites. And the main objective of the agency is to support India with the help of creating a cost-effective infrastructure for the country

    History of UR Rao Space Centre

    • The main root of the agency is started in 1963 and 1967, in the year of 1963, the establishment of the Thumba Equatorial Launching Station (TERLS) and in 1967 the Establishment of the Experimental Satellite Communication with Each Station. These two Station of India worked as the pioneer in the field of space technology and space activities in India
    • In the late sixties, the activity of the building of Space Technology started from the Satellite System Division at Space Science in & technology Centre at Trivendrapuram
    • Later when the decision of making the Aryabhatta was taken then it was transferred to Banglore as the new formation as the Indian Scientific Satellite Project (IISP) and it make their base work for the project here and then, later on, he moved to the Industrial Sheds at Peenya.
    • After the successful accomplishment of the Aryabhatta turned the Laboratory Lab into a full-fledged Program that contributed to the national priorities. And in this, it was born as a UR Rao Satellite center in 1976 in Vimanapura, Banglore.