What is cookie management in c#?

Asked 05-Jul-2021
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Cookies are the small piece of code which are stored in the user machine for early access in the whole pages. It is used to store the preference information of the user like Username, Password, City and Phone no etc on client browser.
Types of Cookies : There are two types of cookies :
1.) Persist Cookies - A cookie which are not going to have expired time are known as Persist Cookies.
2.) Non-persist Cookies - Whereas, Cookies which have the expiration time is known as Non-persist Cookies.
Advantages of Cookie
1.) Cookies are in readable form so that anyone can read it easily.
2.) It can store user information on the client machine to easy access.
4.) They are Fast accessing.
Disadvantages of Cookie
1.) If user clear cookie information they are not able to rollback.
2.) Because of in easy readable form, it is not good for a security reason.