How can we overcome these gruesome incidents like rape and murder?

Asked 08-Oct-2020
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Who are we as human beings if we ignore the suffering of others?
It has been a long time since the 21st century when the heinous crimes like murder and rape have made a place in regular news headlines. And they are not just limited to headlines, many take place in the most silent and far-off places where people do not have the resources/confidence to report them. It is no secret that these crimes have caught the eye of every living person. And yet, we see/hear and ignore them. This leaves our society with serious consequences and disrupts the socio-cultural environment.
The murders, especially honor killings have risen so much in the past decade that it is impossible to believe that we are safe anywhere. And what is more important to note is that all of these take places for petty or no reasons at all. Thus, what we can do as civilized society is that be aware if someone around us is suffering, or someone is behaving differently, report any crime as soon as it occurs, be compassionate towards each other and most importantly, avoid all of this, we must direct ourselves and our love ones towards the path of peace and harmony. We may read good journals, watch motivational documentaries and should keep our heart and mind calm in order to deal with everyday tension. As we all would have heard that “’Charity begins at home”, we may start practicing the path of brotherhood and self-care ourselves before we reach out to others.
Other than these, the laws which exist right now need to be strengthened to do justice with the criminals. Law and order could be made more fast and efficient in the country for unfortunate times.
The crimes involving gruesome atrocities to men and women, such as rape have also risen after the Nirbhaya case in 2012. They used to exist before also but the matter has started to come to light after this case a lot. But still, many of these crimes are yet not reported or taken into consideration.
Even the people at power like judges, MPs, MLAs, lawyers and other reputed members of society have marked their comments at this problem being the reason of “women’s shamelessness”; some people tend to believe that it has nothing to do with one’s mindsets but a woman’s character will decide if she is being seen as an object or not.
We desperately need to change this mentality because the belief comes from within. Also, the stranding laws need to be more strengthened and the people practicing those laws need to be more moral in their mindsets rather than being partial. Then only we would be able to achieve some freedom as a civilized society.