What is localization and globalization?

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In the .net framework, Globalization is the process of internationalizing application code, that is culture neutral and language neutral, and that supports localized user interfaces and regional data for all users. This involves creating design and programming decisions function for multiple cultures that are not based on culture-specific assumptions. As long as a globalized application is not localized, it nevertheless is designed and written so that it can be subsequently localized into one or more languages with relative ease.
What is localization and globalization?
Into the globalization allows your web application to be useful for different people in different parts of the world who speaks different languages. The ASP.Net makes it easy to localize an application through the use of resource files. The resource files are XML files with .resx extension. The resources may either be a global resource, in which it is accessible throughout the site and placed in App_GlobalResources folder in a website or a local resource which is particular/specific to a page only and is placed in App_LocalResources folder.

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