Explain types of comments in C# with examples?

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In C#, remarks are utilized to give illustrative notes in the code, which may be overlooked by means of the compiler throughout the accumulation method. Remarks assist with further developing code clarity, asset in documentation, and grant engineers to comment on their code for fate reference.



There are three fundamental assortments of comments in C#:

  • Single-Line Remarks:

Single-line input starts with ahead slices and enhances till the surrender of the line. They are normally utilized for fast, brief comments roughly on a chosen line of code or to cripple a line of code rapidly.


This is an unmarried-line remark

int x = five;//Appointing value 5 to variable x

  • Multi-Line Remarks:

Multi-line input, furthermore alluded to as obstruct comments, starts with "/" and stops with "/" They can traverse several follows and are frequently utilized for longer clarifications, remarking out segments of code, or momentarily incapacitating more than one hints of code.


This is a

multi-line remark

int y = 10;/* Allotting esteem 10

to variable y */

  • XML Documentation Remarks:

XML documentation remarks are an exceptional type of comment used to produce documentation for code factors. They start with "//" and are used all around to record directions, techniques, properties, boundaries, and bring values back. These comments notice a specific design and might be handled through instruments like Visual Studio to produce documentation reports.


/// <precis>

This method works out the number of numbers.

/// </summary>

/// <param name="a">The first variety.

/// <param call="b">The second variety.

/// <returns>The amount of the 2 numbers.</returns>

public int Add (int a, int b)

return a b;

In summary, C# upholds single-line comments, multi-line criticism, and XML documentation remarks. Each type of comment fills a specific need in code organization, documentation, and clarity, supporting designers imparting really inside their codebase.

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