What is one effect of the homestead act?

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‘Homestead Act’ was signed into law in May 1862, stated as an open settlement in the western United States.The law allows any American as well as free slaves to claim up to about free 160 acres of federal land. As the result, about 1.6 Million individuals claim has been approved. People accepted the freedom and space with open arms that have been provided by the west, as it gives them the opportunity to own farm and room for cattle. The living condition at west was harsh and this causes difficulty for people to stay there. So, the Homestead Act comes with many positive as well as negative impacts.
What is one effect of the homestead act?

Positive Impacts:
The offering of free land by the government to people especially in such a large quantity attracted a lot of people to travel towards West, which allows the growth of Nation and Economy both.
Farmers increase their knowledge and skill of farming, which increases the crop growth rate and production of the variety of crops simultaneously. Due to which, new resources came in fashion like Gold, Silver, Timber, and Oil.
People started building towns and establish their businesses, which allowed the growth of the economy. Due to this, the Rail Road Industry expanded vastly to the West. Factories of East Coast were able to transport products quickly to West, and vice-versa. It ultimately needed improvement in technology and this lead to the growth of the nation.

Negative Impacts:
The expansion of the nation comes with negative aspects as well. People travel to an unknown land with little or no help. As, the harsh weather has been a matter of concern for always, which leads to the death of many travelers.
Many people were handed the free land which was unfit for farming, and make them suffer from hunger, especially in such intense cold weather. As well as, the causes loss of lives of livestock. The severe and bad condition of weather compelled people to leave the place and head back to their home place and be alive there.