Who is Louis Braille ?

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Louis Braille was born in the small village of Coupvray, France. He was born in a middle-class family on January 4, 1809, Louis Braille's eyesight was lost in an accident when he was just of three years in age. There was an atmosphere of sadness in the family because these incidents were at a time when such a technique of treatment was not practiced as it is now.

Who is Louis Braille ?

It is said that God has sent everyone on this earth for some purpose. The truth about Louis Braille’s life is revealed that behind his childhood accident, some special purpose of God was hidden. In 1825, Louis Braille invented a script called Braille script only at the age of 16. The invention of this script revolutionized the education of the visually impaired.

 He told about night-writings and sonography in the dark by the soldiers. These scripts emerged and were based on 12 points. From here, Louis Braille got the idea, and he modified it to indicate the 6-point Braille script. Intense intelligent made it a provision to display not only letters or numbers but also all signs.

Who is Louis Braille ?

His talent was that he was soon appointed as a teacher in the school. As a teacher, he was also a dear teacher of all the students. Louis Braille did not believe in punishing and teaching. He gave a new dimension to the education system and made a unique example with the affectionate education system.

His life was not easy. But there was such a power filled with self-confidence, which always encouraged to move forward. There was also a class in society which had neglected their abilities many times in their lifetime. There was no difference from the fact that Louis Braille of his melody. He was devoted wholeheartedly to reach his mission like a monk. He proved that there are often moral aspects of great importance hidden in life's accidents.

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