When and who invented the Disc Brake?

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The ‘Disk Brake’ was invented by ‘Frederick William Lanchester’ and got patented the Disk Brake in 1902 in his ‘Birmingham Factory’.

When and who invented the Disc Brake?
The disk brake was invented long before it gets popular or demand to arise in the market. The disk brake was not successful in the two-wheelers due to the bad quality of roads. Later, the automobile industry gets boom then demand for Disc Brake started. The first successful implementation of disk brake was done on Lanchester Cars. Its successful application began during World War II in Airplanes and Tanks.
Frederick William Lanchester was an English Engineer who made many important contributions in Aerodynamics and Automotive Engineering. In 1922, he was chosen a Fellow of the Royal Society. In 1941, The Institution of Civil Engineers and in 1945 Institution of Mechanical Engineering awarded him a Gold Medal for his revolutionary contribution in both the fields.