What was distinguisable feature of this Escorts ACE?

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What was distinguishable feature of this Escorts ACE?

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 'Escorts ACE'

What was distinguisable feature of this Escorts ACE?

I have this bicycle since 2000. I drive such a large number of sort of machines yet nobody satisfied the thirst of pro to me. I believe it's past the utmost machine. It's not for the powerless hearted individuals. My dad got it new in 1998. It's as yet a youthful thunder jolt having amplifying sound brimming with magma.

Left kick characterizes its detail to be informed by anybody, anyplace. Quickening agent loaded with control with 175 cc and 2 stroke motor. Totally strong, low support, mileage 35-40 km isn't so awful with this super bicycle which gives u a vibe of love.

Before long I'll transfer a photograph of my dark expert. On each ride, I feel new hot blood running in my veins. I am never going to offer it on any drift.