Which movie(s) made you cry?

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Well, I am not that sensitive but there are movies which are capable of melting even a stoned heart. Listing down some of the movies in which I literally got a bit emotional and lost:  

Which movie(s) made you cry?
I'm certain I'm by all account not the only one, yet that peak scene is entirely moving and there's a considerable measure of stun an incentive in the way things unfurl amid those scenes. I could scarcely control myself when I was in the silver screen corridor... what's more, it should be a children's film!
I can't think about some other motion pictures right now. There are bounty (yes I do cry a considerable measure amid motion pictures), however these are the ones over my brain.

Two eighth graders begin to have affections for each other in spite of being all out alternate extremes. In light of the novel "Flipped" by Wendelin Van Draanen. Flipped is the sort of little, uncommon motion picture that wraps you up in so much warmth, funniness and mankind that it will abandon you longing that stories like this weren't so uncommon.

This is a standout amongst other motion picture I have ever viewed. The film had a decent story and was brimming with enterprise, however the best piece of the motion picture was Ellie and Carl, the two heroes.
The passionate connection between the two companions who in the end progressed toward becoming darlings and afterward accomplices is delightfully depicted. The passing of Ellie made me miserable and kick the bucket inside yet the adoration between them fulfilled me feel and invigorated, presumably the best motion picture. I don't have words to clarify. I got so passionate, I could really feel the measure of adoration both had.

The Fault in our stars
Albeit numerous individuals communicated that the motion picture didn't leave much effect on the group of onlookers as the book did yet at the same time I felt it was a heart touching and passionate motion picture.
Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace, life brought them nearer, however, passing made them separated. Every last line in the motion picture was so significant.

MANJHI: The Mountain Man
This film is extremely magnificent and heart touching. You ought to likewise watch this motion picture in any event once in your life. This is the colossal persuasive movie which depends on obvious occurrence. Nawajuddin Siddiqui has assumed part of Dashrath Manjhi in this motion picture.

When I was watching this motion picture then I recall that I cried such huge numbers of times. His better half kicked the bucket simply because he can't pass the mountain with the goal that he could rich the clinic for the conveyance. This scene truly influences me to cry. Dashrath Manjhi, prevalently known as the "Mountain Man" is a legend who demonstrated that nothing is difficult to accomplish. His life gives an ethical exercise that a little man, who has no cash and no power can challenge a strong mountain.

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