What is cad software?

Asked 15-Nov-2017
Updated 15-Nov-2017
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CAD( Computer Aided Design) softwares are used for designin 2D and 3D models of real world objects. For designing 3D models with the help of these softwares you can manipulate, share, design, simulate and modify designs easily that opens the doors for innovative products for the market fast. 
It replaces manual drafting with an automated process. CAD is used by professionals in many sectors. 

Engineering is the area that has most benefited from such CAD softwares. It’s used daily in almost all engineering fields, including mechanical, civil, and electrical. 

These days Architects are also inclined towards these CAD softwares for designing buildings and infrastructures.

These CAD softwares also play an important role in maintaing, designing and manufacturing the products. 
AutoCad is the best software to be used for Computer Aided Design. 
In my previous work I used AutoCad, a CAD software, for a short duration. It was easy to use, analysis was almost accurate and we got the minute details about objects.