Which is better directv or dish?

Asked 14-Nov-2017
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  • Pricing:DISH gives you more bang for your buck in the long run because there are no price increases in the second year. You can opt for a no-contract option or a 2-year commitment for $10–$15 less. Make sure you budget for DIRECTV's year two charges if you want more than 330 channels.
  • Channels: Both providers offer most of your favourite live TV channels, and both offer free premium channel memberships for a limited time.
  • Sports Channels: DISH has the most sports channels, however for football fans, DIRECTV includes NFL SUNDAY TICKET. If you live in Miami and are a Seattle Seahawks fan, you'll need the TICKET to watch every single Seahawks game.
  • DVR: DISH's Hopper 3 can store up to 500 hours of content, but you'll need to acquire four receivers in total to get this amazing set-top box. However, if you have a full house, this may not be an issue. Although the DVR on DIRECTV only has 200 hours of storage, the initial receiver is free (and 200 hours is still quite a bit).

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