how to overcome from anxiety?

Asked 10-Nov-2017
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We can treat Anxiety - medically, psychologicalcounselling, independently. Anxiety treatment depends on the causes of the anxiety.
In some cases we don’t need Doctor’s help to treat Anxiety, we can treat it in our home also.
  • Stress plays major role in our life heavy stress can create major problem for our health, we must avoid stress. To avoid stress we can play games, exercise and party with friends.
  • Right Meditation techniques can be very helpful to Treat Anxiety

how to overcome from anxiety?

  • Learning how to meditate can be an effective strategy for combating anxiety.
  • Practice deep abdominal breathing. Deep breathing is very helpful to treat Anxiety or Panic Attack
  • Talk to your self and try to remove negative thoughts from your mind
  • Feel free to talk to helpful person who can help you to treat Anxiety
  • Do exercise or play games
  • Warm bath can be very helpful
  • Eat your favourite food
  • Meet your friends


try some sort of outdoor sport such as football, cricket regularly and you will feel change.