How to deactivate Twitter account on tablet?

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Deactivating your Twitter account on a pill is a reliable cycle. This is the way you might deactivate your Twitter account on a pill:

How to delete your Twitter account on Android



  • Open Twitter: Find the Twitter application symbol for your pill's homegrown showcase screen or application cabinet and fixture on it to open the application.
  • Setup your account settings: When the Twitter application is open, tap for your profile symbol, typically situated inside the upper left or upper right niche of the screen. This will open a menu with different choices.
  • Go to the settings: This will take you to your record settings.
  • Make your account inactive: Inside the record settings, tap on the "Account" option. Continue scrolling down until you find the "Deactivate your account" button. connection and spigot on it.
  • Verify the deactivation: Twitter will show data about deactivating your record, which incorporates the aftereffects of deactivation. Peruse this data mindfully. Assuming that you are sure you really want to continue, spigot at the "Deactivate" button.
  • Enter secret phrase: Twitter will request that you enter your secret key to avow that you're the record proprietor. Enter your secret phrase inside the provided field and fixture on "Deactivate" either "Confirm" or to continue.
  • Verify the deactivation: Tap on "Yes, deactivate" to confirm.
  • Finalize the procedure: When you affirm, Twitter will deactivate your record. Your profile, tweets, and other records will be stowed away from different clients.


Subsequent to deactivating your Twitter record to your pill, you can reactivate it whenever with the guide of plainly logging returned in alongside your username and secret key. Remember that deactivation is reversible, and you could choose to reactivate your record for each event you're prepared for.


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