How to deactivate Twitter account?

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To deactivate your Twitter account, you can follow these methods:

How to deactivate Twitter account



  • Sign in to Twitter:

Visit the Twitter site or open the Twitter application on your apparatus and sign in your record the utilization of your username and secret word.

  • Access Record Settings:

On the Twitter site, click on your profile photograph in the Zenith legitimate corner and select "Settings and privacy" from the menu that comes up. 

  • Account Deactivation:

In the "Settings and privateness" menu, scroll directly down to the least and snap on "Deactivate your account." On the application, this element might be named "Account" alternatively.

Twitter will give you measurements roughly of what deactivating your record approach is and the aftereffects of doing so. Peruse this record carefully.

  • Affirm Deactivation:

Click "Deactivate" at the end of the statistics analysis button.

  • Account Deactivated:

When you confirm the deactivation, your Twitter record could be deactivated right away. Your record, along with every one of your tweets, fans, and different records, could be stowed away from general visibility.


Twitter, on the other hand, stores your account statistics for a month. 


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