Mr Rakesh Rajdev: Like father like son.

Mr Rakesh Rajdev: Like father like son.

Everyone is aware of the achievements of Mr Rakesh Rajdev. Mr Rakesh Rajdev has successfully owned a 3-star property – Roma Kristo Hotel and has been an active part of the social activities of Kanuda Mitra Mandal.

Mr Rakesh Rajdev is just like his father:

Mr Rakesh Rajdev’s father Late Pratapbhai Rajdev was a very honest, polite, and well-known personality. He liked to help people in the best possible way that he can. Late Pratapbhai Rajdev too, was involved in many social works. He believed that giving in turn provides you self-satisfaction.

Mr Rakesh Rajdev has also been following his father’s footsteps diligently. He has always been proud that he can follow his father's good deeds. Rakesh Rajdev has been a constant help to society under Kanuda Mitra Mandal. Getting into social work and engaging in the social organisation despite owning a 3-star property is something great on its own.

In memory of Rakesh Rajdev’s father- Late Pratapbhai Rajdev:

Mr Rakesh Rajdev has organised a Blood donation camp in honour of his father Late Pratapbhai Rajdev’s death anniversary. He was successful in collecting many blood bags and have been meticulously working to prove that he is just like his father. This blood donation camp was organised with respect to his father’s donating nature. Along with this, Mr Rakesh Rajdev also distributed many food and medical vouchers to the ones who donated blood in remembrance of his father.

Final words:

It is a very big thing for a son to be called just like his father. This is a moment of pride and happiness for he has been successful in achieving all his father’s aspirations. Mr Rakesh Rajdev has always been a great son and had proved times and times again with his actions.

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