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The LMS is an engine that generates eLearning and publishes. It can operate learning management and individualize the scholar experience to make learning one of your ambitious benefits. A Learning Management System offers you to design, perform and broadcast training courses and programs.

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Presenting training and conducting instruction online has become a large way of handling the management, following, recording, documentation, and distribution of academic courses, programs for exercise or advancement, and additional learning plans. And this concept of e-learning is achieved and maintained seamlessly within a web-based or mobile application situated Learning Management System (LMS). It assists in recognizing the knowledge and education practicing ways and uses that for interpreting and communicating data.

E-learning software may gather knowledge on the learners and afford them personalized subject material and programs for preparation, while at the equal point rendering comprehensive insights on the learners’ growth and achievement to their teachers or professors. People use data analytics to overcome and recover more proposals and modify as per the students’ or employees' execution.

LMS Development Solutions

MindStick provides a broad range of LMS development services after estimating your company's requirements and maintaining an eye on fine details.



SCORM or Sharable Content Object Reference Model is a term of our LMS solutions that advance characteristics like convenience, and reusability of an e-learning possible content.


The users must have the independence to opt. the courses in any of setup they require. There are all sorts of data available and the user can decide the course suitable for them in the most beneficial format.


We understand very strongly that how a class unmonitored direct out to be. Our LMS software enables companies to observe the method of each course you combine in the solution. Permits will be conferred for the same.


The dashboard presents you with a review of the user's presence. The data reported to various hunts will be proofs in a simple to grasp practice on the dashboard. Users will have no difficulty while using the solution.


Badges may be awarded to the users who develop an appropriate course which will be presented on their profile. The procedure of various badges can be set previously with Mozilla open badges.


Communicating without exiting the software is forever helpful and we understand that. Minister LMS solution has a messaging policy that enables you to converse and get advice on several activities.

Why Choose Our LMS Development Services

The motive of an LMS is to handle the plan, implementation, and evaluation of a particular learning method. We provide you the best out of it.


Easy Management

MindStick LMS solution lets you maintain your practice schedules with ease, even if the associates converge a thousand points. The solution is adaptable and scalable to assure a constant learning process for the users.

Mobile Application

A mobile application is allowed to control the learning management software. The numerous training schedules can be programmed, notified, and conveyed with these applications installed on your device.

Infinite Resources

MindStick learning management solution supports you to produce endless content to assist the learners. And various file varieties are encouraged to assure the highest source availability. You can later add on or renew details if required.

Performance Analysis

So, the different creative feature is that the LMS solution supports companies to examine the performance of a worker through his service. This will help you to give them sufficient preparation and assistance if and when required.

Cloud Storage

The group of data includes courses, lectures, and knowledge which are kept in cloud-based storage so that the users can obtain use of them wherever anytime they need the support.

24*7 Support

MindStick will be at your service whenever you need it. With our learning management begins our support assistance. Any modernization you desire, any transfer you wish, or any changes will be done at one command.


MindStick implements perfect LMS solutions for tiny and medium-sized enterprises crosswise the globe. Learning management solutions not only serve enterprises but businesses too. LMS software is obtaining popularity as time crosses. The personalized instruction schedules for the employees at a small or medium-sized business will not only expand their abilities but also make them more straightened with the organization's aims. Learning management software for modest businesses is not a modern thought. They offer a more reliable solution than utilizing a dedicated mentor and collecting the employees to hear the teacher out. This online personalized practice software is convenient everywhere every time for the users which offers it yet more engaging.







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