BitOxford — One of the Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

BitOxford — One of the Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

Today there are a large group of stages to look over, however not all exchanges are made equivalent. This rundown depends on client audits just as a large group of other criteria, for example, ease of use, openness, charges, and security.

How BIM helps the building products manufacturers to generate more leads?

The manufacturers' design products and equipment, which are being used in the buildings have used digital models to create new offerings in a short span of time.

WPF controls

In this Article I am trying to explain the concept of WPF controls.

Create 3-D cube in WPF

In this demonstration I am trying to create 3-D cube in Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and this 3-D cube will be rotate on its axis as shown below.

ADO.NET Entity Data Model in WPF

The ADO.NET Entity Framework enables developers to create data access applications by programming against a conceptual application model instead of programming directly against a relational storage schema.

Example of SpeechSynthesizer class in WPF

In WPF Microsoft provide a new API that allows developers to build speech enabled applications. Speech synthesis is a feature that generates spoken audio based on text you supply.

Dynamic Bind TextBox Data to Label Control in WPF

Dynamic Bind TextBox Data to Label Control in WPF

This is the simple demonstration how to show the text data to label at run time (when input value in text it show also in label control). In this W

ToolBarTray Control in WPF

ToolBarTray Control in WPF

In XAML element is used to create TollBarTray control in WPF. We can use ToolBarTray control to position Toolbar into ToolBarTray control. We shoul

WrapPanel in WPF

A WrapPanel element in XAML is used to create a WrapPanel control in WPF. WrapPanel control is similar to StackPanel control in functionality with one

WindowsFormsHost control in WPF

In XAML we can use element to use WindowsFormsHost control in WPF. We know that WPF provide a great user interface, but still a very younger framewor