Coding Technique

Coding Technique

Coding Technique

KISS (Keep it simple stupid)

    The first and most basic tip is to keep it as write simple code in programing because any debugging process easily maintain the code.

DRY (Don’t repeat yourself)

This coding technique is aimed at reducing the repetition of information. Every piece of knowledge or logic must have single representation with in system.

Use Proper Naming Convention

Using a proper naming convention is most important in coding. Any other coders use the naming convention for long time in coding. In coding we declare variables, methods, arrays, etc. Then use proper naming convention.

Comments are for winners

Comments are most important in coding. Because we declare are variables and methods in coding. If we leave the company then next coder doesn’t know what is written if we write the comment then future coder read line and work.

Small (see, even the headline is tinny)

Writing 10000 line of code is not better coding but reducing the 10000 line of code to something smaller without changing the changing output. Do not repeat code and use programming tools such as functions and objects.


Running into bugs in your code it is frustrating. To reduce the situation test your code at many more time. This technique more reliable for running code.

Play with code

In programing many time occur an error or exception then developer are frustrate but developer doesn’t frustrate with code. He should play with code and handing the error and exception.

Ravi Vishwakarma

Ravi Vishwakarma

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