5 Tips To Optimize Your Site For Faster Speed

5 Tips To Optimize Your Site For Faster Speed

People hate to wait. If your website is taking more than 2-3 seconds to load then you are losing 40% of your site visitors. That’s a huge number since you might already be investing money into digital marketing campaigns to bring in visitors to your site. Now, imagine, if 40% of the visitors don’t engage with your site, then you are wasting lots of advertising budget.

Therefore, site speed is a crucial factor to improve your site speed. Also, the recent Google Page Experience Update also focuses on site speed. Under this update, Google will measure the performance of sites that load faster and offer a good user experience. Hence, you can expect higher organic rankings by improving your page load speeds.

Here are the top five ways that you can implement to optimize your site for faster speeds:

1- Add Site Optimization Plugins

If your site runs on WordPress, then you can use different site optimization plugins to reduce your website load time. These plugins improve caching, minify CSS and JavaScript, and leverage lazy loading.

Some of the best performance optimization plugins that you can install and activate on your WordPress site are WPRocket, WPFastestCache, WPSuperCache, AssetCleanUp, and WPSmush.

Now, there is no one best plugin that you can use to improve your site performance. You should try and activate these plugins to see which plugin is compatible with your current WordPress theme. Make sure to take proper backups before you activate the plugins to avoid design issues.

2- Use The Finteza Lighthouse Report

The Finteza LightHouse Report is a powerful tool that makes your website faster and brings your site pages in line with Google recommendations.

The tool is easy to use for beginners and it evaluates web pages on four different parameters that are:

  • Performance
  • Accessibility
  • Best Performance
  • SEO

The tool offers recommendations to fix LCP and FCP issues of your site and also conducts different checks to boost the SEO score of your website.

3- Improve Server Response Time

The major reason for decreased load speeds is due to poor server response time. You should choose faster web hosting and this can drastically increase your site speed. For instance, if you are currently using a shared hosting plan then you can upgrade to dedicated hosting. You can get in touch with your web hosting provider to discuss the best options for you depending on your website requirements.

4- Use a CDN

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. Under CDN, a group of servers are used to provide faster delivery of content. For instance, if the majority of your users are from the US, then you can add a US-based CDN to your website. Now, when users will request resources from your site, they will be rendered from the CDN instead of a roundtrip to the main server. Hence, CDN improves the page load times to offer high availability and performance.

Some of the top CDN services that you can use are Gumlet, KeyCDN, Google Cloud CDN, and Microsoft Azure CDN.

5- Optimize Images

Images consume a lot of space in your website server. Optimizing all the images in your site helps to reduce the burden on your server resulting in faster rendering of images on the user’s browser.

You can use image sitemaps, add alt tags, reduce the file size, choose the right file type, and optimize the image thumbnails to create an optimal user experience.

Moreover, there are several image optimization plugins and tools that you can use to compress and resize photos. Some of the best ones are TinyPNG, Optimole, Optimizilla, Smush, Imagify, Short Pixel, Imsanity, etc.

Final Thoughts

You should check your site speed for both desktop and mobile and take proper steps for optimization. The above five tips discussed in this article will help you to make your site load faster and offer an exceptional user experience. Remember, good UX is crucial to acquire, nurture, and convert more customers. Just by improving your site speed, you will start getting more conversions from your advertising budget.

Last updated:6/30/2021 1:06:12 PM
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